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Coolsculpting is the new, revolutionary, and completely natural process of sculpting the body and tightening the stomach and waist line. Using a targeted cooling process, Coolsculpting freezes fat cells to the point of total elimination. The end result is burnt fat around the abs, thighs and waist with little to no downtime.

Coolsculpting targets stubborn fat – the fat that we can't get rid of no matter how healthy we eat or how much we exercise. We battle the muffin top, the love handles and the belly pooch, but we just can't seem to get rid of it. All along there have been two options: live with our bodies the way they are or get surgery. The FDA-cleared and patented procedure, Coolsculpting, now targets stubborn fat right at the source!

The non-evasive way of reducing fat surgery-free and without any needles or anaesthesia is proven to decrease fat deposits up to 20% to 40% in the targeted area causing the body to slowly excrete fat cells over a period of several months after the procedure. Without any damage to other tissue in the body, this is a safe and effective procedure that uses the body's natural processes to remove targeted areas of fat on the contour of your body and waist line.

No incisions and no scarring, Coolsculpting does not affect the skin. There will be no telling that you had the procedure done. No pain, no mess, the procedure takes less than a couple of hours and you're ready to return to your regular routine!

If you have a physique that's burdened by excessive fat and you want to sculpt your body in a non-evasive way,Coolsculpting is the procedure that will help you achieve results. Get ready to have your friends and family comment on how good you look!

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