The Negative Effects and Disadvantages of The Sun In Summer

The summer is a good opportunity to recharge the batteries again and enjoy the beautiful weather. You make a trip or you will spend your holiday in their own country.
Spend much time in the sun may not only positive effects but also cause disadvantages for health. With excessive exposure to sunlight can be symptoms of herpes and sun allergy are stimulated and increase your risk of skin aging and even skin cancer.

summer sunlightSunbeams affect your hair
If you have been exposed to the sun long, you may suffer hair below. Your hair becomes drier and firmer. In contrast to the skin, which builds up when exposed to the sun pigment, the pigment will be degraded in the hair. Your hair may not only be drier, but also discolor. Your hair may look after long exposure to sun look a lot blonder.

Sun stimulates the symptoms of herpes
A long exposure to sunlight can ensure that you get cold sores and the herpes symptoms resurface. Sometimes you can feel it coming again emerge from the typical herpes cold sores. You feel an irritating itch on the lip which announces the cold sores. It comes down to immediately bring to an antipyretic ointment if you feel the urge herpes.

Sun allergy
Sun allergy is an allergy where mostly young women suffer from. It usually involves polymorphic light eruption. Sun allergy represents an abnormal reaction of the skin to sunlight. The most common symptoms are itching and rashes on the skin, headaches, sores on the face and nausea. Also bumps on the arms and neck are symptoms of sun allergy.

Sunlight has an influence on the eyes
Exposure to light can cause problems to the eyes. If you’ve spent much time in the sun, then you can include developing conditions such as lens opacity, retinal burns and cataracts. In cataract, called cataracts, go blurred vision and can decrease your vision long term. An example of an acute effect of exposure to the sun is snow blindness. If you long time exposes your eyes to the sun without protecting them effectively, there may be sudden snow blindness occur. Your eyes go beyond tears and will continue his red.

Burning of the skin
Some people are quite sensitive to sunburn. This occurs after excessive exposure to the sun. Your skin will be painful and are bright red. This can last a few days and provide a verschilfering of your skin. The more affected the deeper layers of the skin, the more severe sunburn. Much depends on the person. People with pale skin types are more sensitive to sunburn than those with dark skin. If you have a pale white skin, it has to be careful on sunny days.