Tips to stay healthy and fit during the summer

Summer is a time when we can leave behind the daily grind for a while. We do not need alarm clock to put more and have no obligations to school or work. We have time to organize a nice barbecue and drink a cocktail with our friends. The holiday is for most of us, something we have long been looking forward to. If it comes, we are excited and euphoric that we grind of normal life for a while can leave behind. We no longer have to get up early to go to school or work and can sleep late. We have more time to enjoy life and discipline can just leave on the side.

However, the changed eating and drinking behavior could cause our physical condition in the holiday. So we need to stay healthy and keep fit.

summerChange your eating habits during the holidays

Whether you’re traveling or enjoying delicious home from the sun, you will be automatically changing living habits during the holidays. The weather is nice so you can organize a delicious barbecue with friends or make you already have a terrace more than usual. Your eating behavior will change in the summer because your schedule changes and other activities because you do than usual. Therefore, it comes down to in order to remain healthy in the summer months.

Be careful with barbecue

Barbecue is a lot less hygienic than an ordinary meal from the kitchen and can stomach and intestines involve more risk. Always ensure that the meat will stay cold as long as possible before you put it on the barbecue and everything is cooked properly. It is absolutely out of the question for meat in anticipation of the grill for too long in the sun. This can cause stomach and intestinal infections.

Drink plenty of water and fruit juice

In the summer you can dry out quickly at high heat and is therefore on to drink enough. You lose moisture without you even noticing you and therefore it is important to prevent dehydration. Make it a habit to regularly and drink this before you get thirsty. Fruit juice ensures that you remain level on vitamin levels.

Limit alcohol

In the summer months there are more parties and occasions where there once more drank a glass. A cocktail is made ​​or an aperitif drunk that you could hardly refuse. Alcohol consumption takes most people also increased in the summer months and this may lead to impaired fitness of your body. Try also you do not overdo the use of alcohol. Know that alcohol dehydrates the body and certainly in a state of extreme heat can lead rapidly to dehydration.